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Help us build the future of friendship

What we're thinking, doing and learning at Clyx

We’re on a mission to make making friends and seeing each other in real life as easy as possible; over the last year, we’ve helped create 97k friendships and had 135k events. Some users have been with us for two years; for others, it’s just the beginning.

We want to make friendship as easy as Uber for taxis and fast food. We try to launch a new feature or improvement every two weeks, and after two years of experiments, we’re starting to make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

What we’re thinking about

Why do people come to Clyx, and how do they see friendship?

Over the last three weeks, we’ve been interviewing users about friendship and what they want from Clyx.

We found that most people value the following in new friends:

But experience the following limitations to spending more time with those friends:

We recently tested a Profile swiping system to help people find matches, but it always felt a little too close to dating, and when we spoke with other users, they felt the same way but still enjoyed the experience.

So we’ve been trying to build something that helps people match with people close to them but let’s you show your personality and interests.

What we’re testing

Making and building friendships should be fun and easy; select users joining Clyx between 25 Oct and early-November will be experiencing a new version of the app that focuses on this.

We’ve made the home page super simple, and you need to make friends to unlock events

We have found that many people struggle with social anxiety when choosing plans or showing up. We want to make sure Clyx is like a game, something fun that helps you stay accountable to actually leaving your house! We have created a test app to focus on what we are hearing is most important first: making friends.

1) Improving the game of friendship

Remember in the playground at school when it was easier to make friends because it was fun?

The learn game let’s you see how your friendship style compares to other Clyx Users

Once we leave school it becomes harder to find people that have the same view of friendship as you, even in a large city like Miami or London.

We built the Learn games so everyone can see how their view of friendship relates to other users.

If this works over the next few weeks, we'll slowly release the other features and merge the systems so everyone can benefit from this gamified experience.

2) Helping people connect over personality and interests instead of profile pictures and swiping

We rebuilt matching to focus on a daily prompt; you can answer it once a day and reply to nearby users’ answers to start a friendship.

Currently, 30% of new users find a friend within two sessions. We think we can get this to 80%, so wherever you are in the world, you can open Clyx and find someone with whom you can build a friendship immediately.

We wanted to create an experience that lets people connect faster than swiping but still values privacy, so if someone replies to your prompt, you still get the choice of accepting them as a friend with this feature:

Ben replied to my prompt, and I can choose to accept him as a friend by tapping his message at the top and replying

The test has only been running for three days and we’ve already seen 280 friendships made, let us know below what you think!

What’s next

We’re currently building three features for our next release

1) More Learn games
2) Games to play with new and old friends to get to know them better
3) A game to organize events with friends and groups

Example of the games we’re testing out!

Let us know which you’re excited to see here:

Which feature is most helpful to you on Clyx

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