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Why CEOs Should Not Write Newsletters

Am I funny or amifunny?

IMO, Wednesday is the perfect day to laugh a lot. People are a lil’ less uptight than on a Monday (eek), but still cranky enough that a good meme can make a difference (lol).

I frequently take it upon myself to share memes with our team at Clyx - people have learned to laugh, even if they are not funny… Job safety and all.

Here are our (my) favourite finds from the internet to get you and your friends through the tail end of the week.

If you don’t laugh, just pretend this was written by chatGPT and help me distance myself from any embarrassment!

Asking for a friend…

Is it awkward if the CEO shares this in Slack?

We advise sending the ^ to your boss if you want either to be fired or promoted… lucky dip!

Would you quit your job for $100,000?

Mr Beast wants to help people quit their jobs for $100k. Would you take the offer…

Probably time to go back to work now… sorry for the distraction!

P.S. After popular internal demand, I changed the definition of CEO at Clyx. See Slack, our source of truth;

[if you found this funny, please email [email protected] to ensure the team doesn’t demote me from manning the humour-letter]

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