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Helping You Keep Up With The Latest Trends!

I like to think we are in touch with the latest trends in London, but even if you aren’t it’s been pretty tough to miss this one!

I love keeping active, but don’t love always being in the gym. When I heard of this new way to keep fit, I was hooked. I will give you a clue…

Not Got Time To Read It All?

Okay sure… the video gave it away, it’s Padel and you really should give it a go!

Where? The Padel Yard, 2-4 Armoury Way, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1HZ

Why? It’s accessible and helps make getting fit fun!

When? There tends to be more availability during the day, than in the evening at peak times

The New Racquet Sport Taking Over London?

I think most of us would agree that once in a while we all need to mix it up, get out of the gym and into the outdoors. As the winter draws in and the days get shorter, running solo or working out in one of London’s many open spaces gets increasingly difficult. This is where Padel comes in!

Think doubles tennis without the overhead serve. I don’t know about you, but serving always meant I struggled to have a good game of tennis. This is not a problem with Padel, and for me it’s what makes Padel such a great game. It is super accessible and can be picked up pretty much instantly by anyone who gives it a go.

Moreover, playing with a partner means that it becomes a very social game. I started playing recently and have met loads of new people through the sport. So grab your best friend and head down to Padel Yard. It’s centrally located, reasonable, and it’s easy to hire a racquet. While playing you don’t focus on the fact you are working out. Instead, you are concentrating on getting every ball back, but trust me when you get home after a session you can feel it!

I really can’t recommend it enough. Get fit, learn a new skill, and meet new people. If you are struggling to find a playing partner, just use Clyx and we will help you find your new on-court best friend.