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Our Hidden Gem Of The Week

Tacos, burgers, pizza, ice cream… can’t decide? Why not have them all at Smorgasburg Miami!

We snuck down there after work last Friday and can’t recommend it enough. Whether it’s this weekend or next, you have to go!

Head down to Smorgasburg!

We get it, we are indecisive too. We have all had the ‘where should we go?’, ‘I don’t know you choose’ chat and then not ended up going out at all. This is where Smorgasburg comes in.

Launched in 2011 in New York, Smorgasburg expanded to Miami and now plays host to more than 20 food vendors on a weekly basis! Not sure what to do on Friday? Head to Lincoln Road. At a loose end this weekend? Make your way to Wynwood between 1-9 PM.

Whatever you do, you cannot miss out on the conch salad from Conch’d Up, it’s fresh and delicious. That being said, what is stopping you from having more than one dish… not us.