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What's on in Miami

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This is The Rundown - a weekly, yes you guessed it, rundown of my favourite events coming up this week. Sprinkled with updates from the inside here at Clyx. It’s curated just for you. No AI, no bots, just us trying to find awesome stuff for you in Miami. Let’s get into it!

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Belt your heart out!

Head down to the aptly named Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar for a sing-along evening on ladies’ night! I am not much of a singer, but that is the beauty of karaoke isn’t it?

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Brickell Tech Tuesday!

An event close to Clyx’s heart and one members of our team attend regularly. Little Brittany plays host to the weekly networking event and happy hour, we can assure you that you won’t regret going.

Where to watch March Madness!

What a game! Sorry Longhorn fans, but we are proud to support the Hurricanes and even happier to see them make it to the final four. With the next game against UConn on Sunday, head down to one of our recommendations below to watch.

American Social - Located in north Brickell just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Miami, American Social doubles as a great sports bar and a popular brunch spot. On gameday American Social is one of the busiest and best places to be - with regulars and newbies alike treated to great food, drinks and a view of the river. What is not to like? I can’t think of much. Craft beer lovers are also in for a treat here, with a number of beers on tap.

Barracuda: Barracuda Taphouse and Grill is a favourite of mine, Coconut Grove locals and University of Miami students alike – a must for sports lovers looking for good value and a relaxed atmosphere. In keeping with much of Coconut Grove, the décor focuses on Miami’s rich maritime history, with the bar’s namesake found all over the ceiling and walls. Ryan Pfeffer writing for TimeOut describes Barracuda as “a bar with personality that doesn’t particularly care about impressing you – but is more than happy to get you drunk”

‍Go Hurricanes!!!!!

Brain Food!

Creator Spotlight!

This week’s creator spotlight focuses on an awesome new creator on Clyx - Meghan. In the last 30 days Meghan has created over 20 events on Clyx and is one of our most successful creators.

Meghan’s Story: Meghan is a brand ambassador, model, and content creator. After earning her BA and MA in Criminology, she decided to take some time to explore her more creative side. She is passionate about creating content themed around the city of Miami. In her free time, she enjoys fitness and wellness, visiting resorts, traveling, exploring museums, dining, and events.

Quote of the week…

We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.

Herman Melville